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We are proud to be part of the most important value chain in the market, the one that ensures people's health. We are a certified and trained company for the transportation of medicines that receives periodic inspections for the correct practice of the API transportation service. As one of our specialties is the transportation of pharmaceutical goods, we monitor and certify that all transportation is done following the regulations, that is:
  • In a sufficiently insulated and closed box to avoid sunlight, the invasion of insects, birds, rodents, etc. In this way, none of our transportation of medical supplies will be done using trucks with tarpaulins.
  • Maintaining and preserving the mandatory thermal conditions to avoid corruption of materials.
  • The loading of our trucks will always be done following an established order that facilitates not only the orderly unloading of the materials but also their organization.
Logistics Fematrans S.L. It has an internal decalogue that reinforces regulations and achieves excellence in the management of its transport of medicines and health products. In this way, our company presents itself as a specialist in the sector for any project you need, in any country.