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Preserving the cold chain is essential for the success of refrigerated transport; a slight change in temperature can have an irreversible effect on the goods, leading to their loss.

Our fleet of trucks is technically prepared to offer a high quality service in cold transport. As our company is located in the south of Spain, in Almería called the Garden of Europe, we are used to handling this type of transport due to the large export of horticultural products.

Our company more than meets all legal, technical and commitment to quality requirements so that your merchandise is always safe and monitored in our trucks. On the other hand, we have a huge range of trucks that adapt to the service you require. You will also find the most current technologies for real-time monitoring of the geographical location of the load and temperature.

In this way we are a benchmark in the quality of transport and in the extreme surveillance of the goods we move for our clients, putting at their disposal an executive capable of resolving the negotiation or any incident in any language. Our notification system will send you the information about the collection and delivery of your order, and you can also observe the geographical position yourself using our GPS traceability system.