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Spain and France historically maintain a close economic relationship. So much so that France is considered the first commercial partner of eSpain, proof of this is the more than a thousand French companies that have relocated to our country.

Automobile companies such as Peugeut or Renault, distribution companies such as Carrefour, Alcampo, Decathlon, or agri-food companies such as Danone… They are part of the commercial ecosystem of our country. It also happens that Spain is the main buyer of goods of French origin. Regarding imports from the French country, the most notable are those from the automobile sector, representing a third, consumer goods and intermediate goods. Spain makes a difference as a supplier for France in sectors where important promotion plans are being carried out such as: ham, olive oil, furniture…

The French country has become our best trading partner.

The sectors where it is estimated that Spain has a competitive advantage with other suppliers and where there is a significant capacity to increase exports are those in which promotion plans are being carried out such as tiles, Iberian and serrano ham, olive oil, vinegar of sherry, furniture, etc.

If we talk about the freight transport sector, one of the most notable is the import of fruit by our best trading partner, since France is a very important importer among those that make up the European Union. The figures that demonstrate its specific weight are beyond doubt: France participates in 10% of all fruit and vegetable purchases on the old continent.

There are many transport sectors that are associated with the French national market, so there are many possibilities to make the returns of your trucks profitable regardless of the products they transport, from the transport of automobiles to the transport of citrus fruits for the French market. At Cargo Network we will take care of satisfying your transportation needs thanks to our extensive knowledge of the sector in France.