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The German country is well known for its exports of automobiles and high-value materials. It is a country that is a product of technology and energy that has played a very important role in the history and economic development of the old continent.

Germany’s manufacturing capacity is impressive, but only comparable to its import needs. The highest rates of goods imported by the German country are found in the oil and energy sector, since it is a powerful producing and transforming agent of materials.

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On the other hand, Germany demands huge quantities of garden products, such as fruits and vegetables. This is due to a concentration of demand and a new sensitivity towards organic farming. In German society (among others), a widespread demand for natural foods produced using ecological systems has awakened. Spain is one of the main producers of organic agriculture, in this way, there are countless full load shipments that leave our country and arrive in the German country. Throughout our experience we have done an enormous amount of business with German companies, obtaining a portfolio of high quality partners to work with, we only work with companies that have the same commitment to quality as ourselves.

Cargo Network is the solution for you to obtain benefits from the returns of your trucks, we will ensure that your trucks carry out a complete load, eliminating the possibility of grouping that slows down the process. We have a team of great commercial value and high executive capacity that has countless hours and kilometers of experience with the