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Our neighbor Portugal has become a country with new opportunities for Spanish companies, since Portuguese trade represented more than 75% of GDP between 2010 and 2012. Since its accession to the European Union, Portugal has significantly implemented and improved its infrastructure. , which has caused national and international investments to increase exponentially in recent years.

The Portuguese country has a modern manufacturing industry made up of small and medium-sized companies. Its main sectors of activity are mechanical engineering, metallurgy, textiles and construction. Furthermore, Portugal has a mold manufacturing industry of global importance and has made great progress in the automotive sector. The structure of imports and exports has changed in recent years, causing the Portuguese economy to open up to the outside world, for example, exporting more and more technological equipment.

“In 2013 Portugal had a historic trade surplus, as exports increased faster than imports”

Regarding agriculture, the main products are wheat, corn, tomatoes, potatoes and grapes. In the industrial sector, textile items, footwear and products for the automotive industry stand out. Other significant products are paper, cork-based articles, wood, electrical appliances, chemicals and ceramics.

With a GDP of more than 236 billion dollars and thanks to these good results, Portugal was part of the first group of founding countries of the Euro Zone (effective January 1, 1999).

For all this and thanks to its unbeatable location within the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal has become one of the main countries with which we operate at Cargo Network. Its proximity, the ease of communications, the language and its exponential growth, together with our efficiency and speed in collecting and sending merchandise, have made Portugal an unavoidable place with which to maintain commercial relations.