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The Netherlands is a fundamental agent in the import and export market at the European level.

This is a point of great importance for the sector and for the country itself since it represents, according to official data, more than 30% of its income, reaching quotas with respect to its GDP of 72%. In this way, the Netherlands has become the fifth country in terms of exporting goods, occupying a privileged position within the world trading system.

The Dutch export figures achieved are incredible, representing 4% of total world exports.

Furthermore, Holland imports a huge amount of goods, the figures reached have exceeded 87 billion dollars. They are the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, after the United States. Horticulture is by far the largest segment of the agricultural sector. Other export products include chemicals, machinery and vehicles. In addition, they export high-quality aeronautical parts, boats and yachts.

All this data makes Holland a vital point in the transport market and our company facilitates transport routes between Holland and Spain due to our great management capacity and experience in such a hot and mature point on the International commercial map. We will ensure that your return journeys are made with a full load for your greatest comfort and profitability. For years we have been working with many Dutch companies that would be interested in their return cargo services. If you want more information about our Netherlands – Spain transport service, do not hesitate to contact our transport company Cargo Network and you will obtain an advantageous, reliable proposal committed to total quality. We are an ISO certified company that always strives for excellence in service.