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British trade handles 97% of its volume through maritime transport.

Along the coast we find countless perfectly equipped ports that facilitate commercial exchange, the most important being: London, Southampton, Liverpool… More than 80 ports in England, Scotland and Wales are covered under the British Ports Association. The objective of this institution is to protect and represent the members and serve as an integrating channel with European policies.

The United Kingdom is one of the most important points in global distribution.

In addition, this ancient country has a magnificent road network that facilitates internal movement of goods. The terrestrial communications infrastructures are of the highest quality, the result of collaboration between the state and private companies. For years, the United Kingdom has been linked by land thanks to the English Tunnel, which facilitates land transport under the sea.

From a more concrete point of view, the UK is one of the largest importers of fresh fruits produced in our country: bananas, strawberries and, to a greater extent, citrus fruits. In addition, pears and peaches produced in our country are a highly demanded commodity. We know that there are many production companies that send their production to the U.K. from Spain. That is why we can help your company make return journeys profitable by bringing other goods located in the United Kingdom to our country. There are many trucks from Spain that are responsible for transporting horticultural products to the British Isles and therefore there are many possibilities of carrying out a full load for the return. Our company has been carrying out these advantageous transactions for our clients and our market for years. The Cargo Network team is more than prepared to negotiate the most advantageous solution for you with any institution, port or company located in the United Kingdom.