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Cargo Network guarantees you a regular flow of services with all EU countries and frequent and safe connections with Portugal, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In all these countries we offer direct international road transport services in the modalities of groupage, full load, express transport and special transport.

Our modern fleet of vehicles, adapted according to the merchandise, guarantees an effective and precise service in each reception-delivery, making every kilometer traveled profitable to optimize your budget and provide you with a fast and quality service. All of this under the standards and provisions of the existing legal regulations in the European Union.

“Arrive on time to your clients anywhere in Europe with maximum security and at a very competitive cost”

Our agents have extensive experience in the international transport sector. Furthermore, regardless of the country in which you carry out your business, we can always optimize your company’s return journeys, since our entire team has extensive knowledge of each of the languages present in the European Union. In this way we are able to achieve the best deal for your company, regardless of the location from which you wish to return.